Eagle Specialties, LLC Supplier of the Year

Eagle Specialties, LLC

Taryn Sulkes
President & CEO
Eagle Specialties, LLC
Taryn Sulkes is a wife, mother and Native American woman business owner.  Born into the construction industry, Taryn fondly remembers going on trips to the ‘big city’ where her father used to pick up materials for his window and door business in Pinckney, Michigan. Now a business owner in her own right, Taryn is proud to call that ‘big city’ of Detroit home to the company she has put her heart and soul into since 2014. 
Taryn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Michigan University and has continued to pursue her education in the fields of tourism and construction. Most recently Taryn completed both the Turner School of Construction Management and Project: Accelerate!. 
For over 25 years, Taryn has worked in the automotive, hospitality and financial fields. Deciding to take the skills gained from her previous jobs and move forward in building her future, the idea to start Eagle Specialties arose in 2013 and the wheels were set in motion. With Taryn’s experience in sales and marketing and her partners’ knowledge of the construction industry, Eagle Specialties, LLC was born into fruition in March of 2014. Since its inception, Eagle’s revenues have grown by nearly 100% in three short years. When Taryn formed Eagle Specialties, LLC she did so in the hopes of building a business which could be passed down to her daughter. Not only does she hope that Isabella will embrace her Native American/Korean heritage, she hopes that her daughter will see that women can be successful business owners. 
As Amanda Cookson, founder of Be My Guest said “running my own business is empowering. I get to set my own hours, call the shots and contribute to my family.” When not working, Taryn can be found making memories with her husband, Adam, and daughter, Bella. 


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