KeYarra Ali Buyer of the Year

KeYarra Ali

KeYarra Ali




My career aspiration is to achieve a purchasing senior leadership role within the next 2-3 years.  I plan to achieve this goal in the following ways. First, I will achieve the goals I set for my deck every year, with the expectation of over achieving. I also plan to complete my MBA program by 2019. And explore other areas of purchasing/ SCM. I hope to evolve my network with FCA employees as well. 

 Education
 BA Supply Chain Management   Michigan State University 
Work Experience (Positions):
 Buyer- Cutting Tool, Weldinng, etc.
(FCA  Intern- TCR Lead (FCA)  
Intern – Summer CAR (Enterprise) 
Career Highlights
Global Lead of the Cutting Tool  Commodity   Purchasing Lead For Cutting Tool Pilot 
Commodities Managed: 
Cutting Tools  Torque Tools  Welding


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