Milagro Packaging Supplier of the Year

Milagro Packaging
Dolores M. Rodriguez
President & CEO
Milagro Packaging
Dolores M. Rodriguez, a Michigan native, credits her immigrant parents, Henry and Rose Rodriguez, and large family with helping her learn what you need to be successful.  Her parents always told her to work hard and give more than 100%.  Ms. Rodriguez has over 20 years successful experience in running businesses. 
Dolores M. Rodríguez and Concept Packaging created Milagro Packaging, LLC in 2001.  The company is a Hispanic and woman owned business that provides packaging for a variety of industries including the automotive industry. 
Since 2001 Dolores has overseen the company’s significant growth and counts among its customers Toyota, NACOM, Toyotomi, Eaton, 3-M, Hitachi, Trim Masters and Kawasaki.  The company has grown to more than $22,000,000 in revenues in 2015. 
Ms. Rodriguez and Milagro Packaging have been honored over the years with many awards including: 
2002 – Outstanding Business Partner Award  
2003 – Outstanding Cost Performance Award       
5 year Value Improvement Award 
2004 – TMMK Outstanding Delivery Performance Award   (Delivered 13,631 orders on time)  
2005 – TMMK Outstanding Business Partner Award  
2005 – TMMK Outstanding Delivery Performance Award 
 2008 – TMMK Excellent Supplier Performance Award  
2008 – TMMK Excellent Cost Performance Award  
2008 – TMMI Award of Excellence for Kaizen Activity  
2009 – TMMK Excellent Cost Performance Award  
2010 – TMMK Excellent Performance – Minority Development  
2010 – TMMK Excellent Delivery Performance Award  
2013 – TEMA  Superior Performance Award  
2013 – TEMA  Excellent Cost Performance Award  
2014 – TEMA  Superior Performance Awards  
2014 – TEMA  Management and Customer service Award  
2015 – TEMA  Management and Customer Service Award  
2016 – Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA Excellent Performance  
2016 – Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA Outstanding Kaizen Performance  
2016 – Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA Outstanding Management Performance 
Milagro Packaging received the 2004 Kentuckiana Minority Council   Achievement Award, Class III Supplier of the Year Award for demonstrating achievement in goal setting and growth
Dolores is a true entrepreneur.  In 1998 she also started a company that manufactures custom labels, continuous forms, checks, brochures, business cards and other printed materials.  This company, Whisper Creative Products, Inc. is also MBE and WBE certified through the Michigan Councils. Prior to starting her own businesses, Dolores became well-rounded in business:  from a general manager of a skin care products plant to accounting and computer processing for an aluminum and brass company. Among her more personal accomplishments Dolores is most proud of her children, Michelle and Allan Michael and her new granddaughter, Emma. 


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