The Orsus Group Supplier of the Year

The Orsus Group

Will J. Montgomery 
The Orsus Group
Will Montgomery is responsible for overseeing the business development strategies, and client relations for The Orsus Group. 
Mr. Montgomery has over two decades of experience in Human Capital and Risk Management.   
Mr. Montgomery started his career for one of the largest privately owned staffing companies. He was an instrumental part of launching and expanding the non-technical professional and administrative support staffing market for the Southeast, MI location for the company.  He continuously became one of the highest producers in his region while simultaneously integrating teams in his market. 
Mr. Montgomery has worked with clients, ranging from the small regional level to Fortune 500 companies, providing services varying from workforce management solutions and risk management. 
Mr. Montgomery has provided customized and flexible workforce and risk management solutions that enabled companies to make adjustments and alignments to meet their specific and evolving business objectives.  Clients were able to take advantage of various bottom line benefits such as cost reductions, improved productivity and reduced business risks by ensuring full regulatory compliance, and controlling co-employment risks. 
Mr. Montgomery collaborates with HR professionals in various industries providing insight on new trends and best practices in recruitment and on-boarding strategies, risk management and diversity inclusion both domestically and internationally. 
Mr. Montgomery received a Bachelor’s Degree with a multi-disciplinary in Economics and Political Science from Michigan State University.  Mr. Montgomery has been involved in various committees and associations in the HR community. 


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